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Okay, Maybe I Have to Re-Write (and how my habit of trolling may get me published)

Today is the day that I stare into the narcolepsy-inducing abyss of needing to re-write my book.  The main reason is simply because  the next phase will me more laborious than the actual creative process– and this has to do … Continue reading

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I warned you.

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Mall blogging 

 I’d like to give you harrowing commentary from the cloistered  Nothern California refugee camps, post-3.3 mangnitude earthquake. But in reality, half of the disengaged humanity trotting through this mall has no idea it even happened.It felt like either the people … Continue reading

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Sunday’s phlegmatia 

I probably made up a word by doing that up there, but I don’t care. After the horrible syntax, diction and compounded Ebonics overload Satan used in the previous column (probably half of which have been given some form of … Continue reading

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Reblogging the self: A question for the WordPress community

Does anyone here know or understand the re-blogging mechanism when it comes to reaching into the archives of one’s own blog? This is primarily to avoid having write the occasional “greatest hits” post every so often. Early on (almost a year … Continue reading

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Thoughts on changing the name of this blog

I know this is going to come off with the same ridiculous ring of any other “first-world” lament reverberation, but I am now convinced that it is possible to be too diverse; in short, it’s great to have a myriad of talents, … Continue reading

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Liebster Award: answered, and passed long

Okay, I’ve gone through the list of questions posed to me by Minah, at SeoSundays.  I say me, but really it was me, along with ten other bloggers.  That, of course is what I’m going to do here in a … Continue reading

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