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Take a few minutes to jam with Ukulelien

In woodshedding the ukulele, I do what most do when marshaling the bloodhounds and hunting down the faint smells of related interests: I start scouring YouTube. Now, it IS possible for those outside the world of ukulele, to still be … Continue reading

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In which I meld a tired Hitler meme with an Amazon review of “Muppet Christmas Carol.”

When I first read the book No easy Day by Mark Owen (The infamous release that recounts the mission to kill Osama Bin Laden), he particularly channeled a recurring theme in the life of many: a concept called the “Good … Continue reading

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Ralph Nader, Snowden, and the joy of trolling

Chances are, if anyone has managed to find themselves under some sort of surveillance, it’s me.  Me and Father Guido Sarducci . . . or, Lazlo Toth . . . or, as he is known to his family, Don Novello. … Continue reading

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Yelling “fire” in the theater of the mind

About a year ago, I decided that I was going to make a film. Not some knawing, cinematic tapeworm that consumes three, non-refundable hours of your life, like Meet Joe Black, but a short, eleven-minute ride. “It should be easy,” … Continue reading

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Memorial Day, Dad’s near incarceration, and an antediluvian rigging of the thimbles

Not a lot to peel forth on today. Remembering my own WWII Father and the stories he told me. One of which got him yanked out of a cockpit and preemptively detained in the presence of General MacCarthur. But that’s … Continue reading

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Billy Squier, and the roadside bomb of helpful advice

One of the prevaricating tightropes I’ve had to maneuver in my life is the problem of exactly how much/what kind of advice to take in a variety of situations. I say this because advice in the infancy phase of one’s … Continue reading

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Overnight question for readers

When fleshing out YOUR writing processes–what has been that one linchpin–or catalyst that caused you to trudge on through? From where did you draw inspiration? I’m off to bed. See you tomorrow.

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