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Guest blogging

So blogger and author, John Guillen, over at Write Me a Book, John! has solicited guest bloggers.  Apparently, he has had enough of a cognitive lapse to allow me limited access to his dashboard. That was last night. I just submitted … Continue reading

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Overview: “Auschwitz, A New History,” By Laurence Rees

There really is no way to “review” a book like this. So I won’t. I’ll just give a general impression of the empty feeling I have after reading it–and that feeling comes not from the author’s deficiencies, but his fantastic … Continue reading

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Thanks Leif Enger. Now I’m totally thrown

Ever since I read Leif Enger’s awesome Peace Like a River, and Stant Litore’s What Our Eyes Have Witnessed, I’ve almost felt like the farce I was going to write now feels . . . um, well . . . … Continue reading

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Or, known as “video blogging.”  I’ve decided that, at times, instead of writing down the epic rant I hear in my head, I’m going to Vlog it instead. The only problem with this is the prohibitive nature of time.  I … Continue reading

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The Hunger Games: It’s time to give that alcoholic coach a break

So I just read Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games.  I don’y know about you, but I think this book could really take off like a flash! Katniss Everdeen is REALLY good at archery.  I mean her ability to shoot arrows … Continue reading

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Sunday’s phlegmatia 

I probably made up a word by doing that up there, but I don’t care. After the horrible syntax, diction and compounded Ebonics overload Satan used in the previous column (probably half of which have been given some form of … Continue reading

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Sailing into the high seas of tedium

It was my intention to post something of value. Merit. Gravitas. I should just persevere. I should just find a spare moment to find the grand aside–the luminous point-of-departure and peel off. It was H. L. Mencken that said “every normal … Continue reading

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