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Crowdfunding redux

A few weeks ago, I was standing outside, in  a break area at work, tossing in my harmonies to the rhetorical cantata that was going on at the moment.  My co-worker, Bill, mentioned that before he moved to my area, … Continue reading

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Thinking of a crowdfunding venture

   Making a record isn’t cheap. If you’re doing most of it yourself, it is cheaper. But I need to get the thing polished, mixed, and produced at the end. Not to mention, get myself to South America for a … Continue reading

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And now–yet another project in the works

When i decided on the moniker for this blog, it wasn’t exactly a task rendered under flippant conditions. Even if the title, “Master of None” seems as if it comes out of the same comedic genepool of,”are you working hard, … Continue reading

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And on Friday . . .

. . . And the morning of his crucifixion, the chief priests came together, formulated a plan, and took a handcuffed Savior to be turned over to Pilate. Pilate understood that the entire proceedings were borne about by political conflict … Continue reading

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