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Haiku – Friendship

Originally posted on MY COLLEGE ODYSSEY:
Your friendship means more to my heart than foolishness that drove you away

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The CS Lewis Bible: an overview

  So the other day I had the FedEx guy drop off my highly-anticipated CS Lewis Bible.  Anyone with even a modicum of knowledge about this blog and/or me, knows he stands far and away, as my favorite writer in … Continue reading

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It’s my 200th post! High fives all around!

The fits and turns of vainglory, victory laps, and a giant helping of the Kanye West, egotistical entree from the narcissist’s secret menu are all mine. Yep.  I just threw a singular ticker-tape across the room.  Instead of looking like … Continue reading

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Reblogging the self: A question for the WordPress community

Does anyone here know or understand the re-blogging mechanism when it comes to reaching into the archives of one’s own blog? This is primarily to avoid having write the occasional “greatest hits” post every so often. Early on (almost a year … Continue reading

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How to look like an ABJECT FOOL in front of others

Here’s a picture of a European White Birch in my front yard: Click on it. It’s dead. I didn’t know it–or should I say I’ve been walking by it for months, and never managed to notice that it had died. … Continue reading

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On tomorrow’s show

I received my birthday gift belatedly the other day.  I’ll be reviewing it tomorrow, such as a bible can reviewed. They key point here being—that over 600 sundry quotes by CS Lewis are strategically placed amongst the writ. It doesn’t … Continue reading

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What does it mean

When the book you’re reading telling you “how to get a book published” is the only book the author OF THAT book has in print?

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Catatonic reading trauma

I’m not sure what kind of cerebral scarring I have, but . . . There is a very real similarity between that form of hypnotic narcolepsy that sets in when I’m driving a mundane highway in the small hours, and … Continue reading

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Little thoughts for Wednesday

Today, I suffer from the affliction of “not wanting to write some scrawling, magnum opus for five measly clicks today.”  What I mean by that is, I have a really steady stream of regulars coming in here. I have over … Continue reading

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My grocer has read my protracted whining about the ridiculous razor blades:free-range liquor discrepancies.

Call this a boilerplate response. I sent them the link from my blog post the other day. They’ve gotten back to me: Not sure what to make of it. Hopefully they’re passing around my article, realizing that allowing tanked-up crack … Continue reading

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