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Download Thimblerig’s Ark

Nate Fleming’s Narnia-ish/Genesis-ish book, Thimblerig’s Ark, is available for free on the Amazon Kindle side for the next couple of days. I was supposed to read it a long time ago, and now I wound up spiking that little plan … Continue reading

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I’m Blaming Flannery O’Connor for that last bit of callow humor

So I just finished reading Flannery O’Connor’s short story, A View of the Woods.  I need not say any more.  I had no idea that, the image I had in my mind of how O’Connor’s work was supposed to be … Continue reading

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So . . . Saturday, huh?

Not much to post, really,except to say I have almost completed my overview of the second book in the Zombie Bible series, as the British like to say,  I’ve been “on about.” Beyond that the day has had a rather … Continue reading

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It’s my 200th post! High fives all around!

The fits and turns of vainglory, victory laps, and a giant helping of the Kanye West, egotistical entree from the narcissist’s secret menu are all mine. Yep.  I just threw a singular ticker-tape across the room.  Instead of looking like … Continue reading

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Ghosts in the machine, ghosts of a chance, and starting a novel 

So the initial starting point for the novel I’ve had in my head for years is finally begging to come out.  It’s got historical merit.  It’s got comedic offshoots.  It’s got out-and-out absurdity. So I’ll just say this much.  The … Continue reading

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Finally, the step out . . .

I have this friend named Stu, who told me his conversations go like this: “I’m headed to work today. Can’t wait to get there.” “Why, what are you going to do?” “Play Ukulele all day, and you?” This doesn’t necessarily … Continue reading

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Comments, re-blogging, and the gratuitous traffic grab

Any engaged writer that has ever sat and Googled “How can increase my blog traffic” soon realized:  the sites you are sent to did the same thing once and figured out that making a blog about increasing web traffic does … Continue reading

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Exercise: The six-word horror story

A while back, I saw a favorite blogger of mine–someone who does what’s called an “overnight thread” make a brief pass at this subject.  It was an exercise such as this one in which a full story arc can be … Continue reading

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This momentum thing can get addicting (Oh, and WHAT ABOUT posting one’s work to the blog?)

All right.  Seems like trying to pinch the germ of an idea out of one’s cerebral petrie dish is the hard part.  I’m already a chapter in to my work.  For me–THIS is the comparative cakewalk. Those that have been … Continue reading

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And . . . book . . . STARTED!

A couple of posts ago, I stated that I had the idea for a non-fiction book–to wit: An academic satire; a good-natured Manchurian bloodletting of a humorless subject–but one in which I repair most of the wounds at the end. … Continue reading

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