Download Thimblerig’s Ark

3d-trig-cover-no-shadowNate Fleming’s Narnia-ish/Genesis-ish book, Thimblerig’s Ark, is available for free on the Amazon Kindle side for the next couple of days.

I was supposed to read it a long time ago, and now I wound up spiking that little plan right about the time I also took a months-long hiatus from blogging.

I’ll get my review up here soon.  I am such an abject schizo when it comes to reading.  I apologize for that. One minute I’m reading about Auschwitz (and still am), and the next I’m literally compelled back down the Lewis Carroll rabbit hole.

I have my reasons.  As do many people who also appear overly-wieldy  and wracked with ambivalence and prevarication.

And go see Nate, while you’re at it.

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1 Response to Download Thimblerig’s Ark

  1. Thanks, Ron! I really appreciate that you wrote this in support of Thimblerig. Meanwhile, I’ll look forward to hearing your thoughts when you have the chance to read it!



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