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And another book idea has hit me

So the other day, I was listening to a couple of morning guys in the Northern California area, Armstrong & Getty.  Being that they’re on the radio, I can never seem to mentally parse which one is saying what, but … Continue reading

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Four blurbs you’ll never read anywhere else

I simply have to thank Lynette Noni for bringing the following legendary exercise in pith and summation back to the front of my mind. Little did Rick Polito know in 1998 that his witty rundown of classic movie lore would be … Continue reading

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Step Number Five: Wait.

I promise that this blog will eventually become something other than a syncopatedly pathetic drip of information concerning the journey of ONE measly little article.  Now comes the whole “naked in front of the doctor AND my wife” sort of … Continue reading

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Step Number Four: Actually WRITE the confounded piece

I should have guessed that some kind of cerebral embolism was going to hit me the minute I realized my writing would be up for active evaluation. “Be yourself,” my wife says. “That’s the part I’m afraid they’ll hate,” I … Continue reading

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How in THE WORLD am I supposed to write in Starbucks, when the monk behind me is using an iPad?

I have this swirling, pessimistic algorithm I use.  It’s called the “bail of hay” theory.  In summation: I’m driving a convertible along Route 66 Overhead, a C-130 drops a bail of hay from altitude. Said bail of hay’s trajectory meets … Continue reading

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Step number three: magazine article idea accepted

In the next day or so, I’ll explain the completely serendipitous coincidence between me using the ’67 pyromaniacal Hendrix episode as the launchpad for my own life-changes and the fact that I spent the night sleeping on that very stage … Continue reading

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In Monterey

So I’m currently in the house band for my daughters’ youth camp this week. Oddly enough. It happens to be at the Monterey fairgrounds–the same place Joplin and Hendrix awoke in the garden of their musical Edens. Blogging this week … Continue reading

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Step Number two: Come up with an idea. Um, NOW might be helpful.

I had no intention of posting a follow up to the “possibly getting published” post from the other day.  But then I realized.  I’ve been writing for different things for years.  I’ve been published in things that saw regionally-limited circulation. … Continue reading

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A chance to be published. No, I mean by somebody else.

So my inbox contained a legitimate solicitation for my writing skills. Clearly, somebody needs to see a counselor. But since this potentially-lucrative opportunity requires me to go ahead an exploit their utterly profound lack of judgement, I need to get … Continue reading

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