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Whoa. Seven chapters in already? Must be a stroke.

I’ve spent considerable time on this blog, not only writing a fulsome, scurvy heap of odd things, like this long-form essay about Billy Squier’s meteoric fall from musical grace, and use it basically try to foment discord, distrust, and division … Continue reading

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A few of you might remember–I was intending to write a book

I have had basically three books in me that I’ve wanted to write: 1. One of them involves the Founding Fathers. 2. One of them involves blues legend Robert Johnson. 3. One of them involves a ragamuffin band of childhood … Continue reading

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Exercise: The six-word horror story

A while back, I saw a favorite blogger of mine–someone who does what’s called an “overnight thread” make a brief pass at this subject.  It was an exercise such as this one in which a full story arc can be … Continue reading

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This momentum thing can get addicting (Oh, and WHAT ABOUT posting one’s work to the blog?)

All right.  Seems like trying to pinch the germ of an idea out of one’s cerebral petrie dish is the hard part.  I’m already a chapter in to my work.  For me–THIS is the comparative cakewalk. Those that have been … Continue reading

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And another book idea has hit me

So the other day, I was listening to a couple of morning guys in the Northern California area, Armstrong & Getty.  Being that they’re on the radio, I can never seem to mentally parse which one is saying what, but … Continue reading

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Step Number Five: Wait.

I promise that this blog will eventually become something other than a syncopatedly pathetic drip of information concerning the journey of ONE measly little article.  Now comes the whole “naked in front of the doctor AND my wife” sort of … Continue reading

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Step Number Four: Actually WRITE the confounded piece

I should have guessed that some kind of cerebral embolism was going to hit me the minute I realized my writing would be up for active evaluation. “Be yourself,” my wife says. “That’s the part I’m afraid they’ll hate,” I … Continue reading

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Step number three: magazine article idea accepted

In the next day or so, I’ll explain the completely serendipitous coincidence between me using the ’67 pyromaniacal Hendrix episode as the launchpad for my own life-changes and the fact that I spent the night sleeping on that very stage … Continue reading

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Reader’s Block? Tape your Nook to your arm

Reader’s Block. It works like this: I buy book. I stare at pages. I fall asleep and have no idea what I read. I’m not really sure if I can attribute a precipitous drop in reading acumen to my mere … Continue reading

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Talk about oatmeal filler

Turns out, I’ve nailed myself to an obligatory wheel, insofar as I have committed myself to writing every single day for the first year. Yesterday was a confluence of many cool things. One was the Victor Wooten clinic in San … Continue reading

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