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Some days

 I love my Nook. 

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Book Review: Necronomicon: time to work out those “perfect circle” muscles

I just got done reading Simon’s Necronomicon. It’s a pretty neat book, but I want to warn the reader. This is not for the faint of heart.  And I want to give a stern warning now: If you are not in … Continue reading

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Guest post: book reviews gone awry

I really want to say how much I like William Golding’s Lord of The Flies.  It’s a super neat book with lots of twists and turns, for the intellectual like me. For those that may not grasp the scope of … Continue reading

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If you thought I was going to leave the Kanye West “Bible” subject alone, then you might also believe Tupac is at my house.

I have no idea why, over the years, I have this reflexive need to mention Kanye West.  But I do. I’ve mentioned him in ways that were in many levels—prescient—meaning “having my thumb on the pulse of a trend so … Continue reading

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