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One of those days

I’m simply going to start shutting my pie-hole about “what’s coming up” on the next day’s blog–because I can-NOT–seem to even get a single, logistical Sputnik off the tarmac, much less into the sky. That being said, I DO intend … Continue reading

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Some days

 I love my Nook. 

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The aesthetics of old books

I happen to be lucky enough to live right near a used bookstore that is a literal BEHEMOTH of a bookstore–I’m talking about the acetone-ridden aircraft carrier with sticks and stacks of shelves . . . two-books deep sometimes, with the … Continue reading

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Barnes & Noble: perpetual canvas

It occurred to me. I like walking around places like the bookstore. I like messing with people.  I like taking pictures of stuff. Trifecta, people.  I’ve found a regular feature. I’m thinking, once a week, I’m going to waft into … Continue reading

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