One of those days

IMG_5907I’m simply going to start shutting my pie-hole about “what’s coming up” on the next day’s blog–because I can-NOT–seem to even get a single, logistical Sputnik off the tarmac, much less into the sky.

That being said, I DO intend to try to possibly do what was originally a “blogging from Barnes & Noble” feature, to a “Vlogging from Cal’s Books” feature. maybe a weekly one.  That place is the single-greaten compilation of used books I have ever seen,  The owner likes me.  He keeps an eye peeled for stuff for which I might be looking.  He’s like advertising.

I’m sure he’d appreciate any attention an over-the-top blog punk might bring him.  It’s a relatively quiet and serene place.  He plays vinyl records in there.  He’s got a ceiling higher than Advance Base Camp in Katmandu, Nepal.

There’s a million things I could vlog about in a place like that.  Mainly, I’d probably future a book–one I’ve read . . . one I intend to read.  One that ought to be tossed in a 5,000 degree furnace of no-return . . .

He has 1st Editions in there, including a restored, $1,500 edition of Tom Sawyer.  maybe I could show you that.

Anyway . . . still flailing away in the margins here. I promise.  A burst of intrigue is right around the corner.

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