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Liebster Nomination Redux

As soon as I shake the residual, soul-sucking side-effects of work, I might actually dig into Minah’s eleven-questions today.  I don’t want to take it all lightly. I’m picking up a few followers everyday now.  So now I also feel … Continue reading

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Stevie and Ray. Um . . . yeah . . .

Nothing really needs to be said, beyond the fact that I WISH I had been there for this.

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Thank you, readers.

For reading. For following. For giving a guy hope. One day, the work involved now will pay off. Until then . . . See you in the caravan. Obrigado . . . 

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Great. Now a mathematician is going to mess up the one-way Mars Spectacle

I promise you.  I’m not a sadist.  But there is a side to me that gets a small, if not mildly sardonic kick out of watching people line up like lemmings for a mission on which they are GUARANTEED to … Continue reading

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McCloud and the moon . . .

Just a few weeks . . . And this truck will be disappearing into a vortex of dust . . . and wonder . . .  

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My new Liebster Nomination

Apparently, my appalling writing style, overstated sense of self-importance, and maudlin, lactation-inducing baby-squeaking about my abysmal weekend traffic isn’t enough  to put off the lovely and gracious Minah Seo–because she’s fallen off the wagon over there at Brown University and … Continue reading

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All Sons & Daughters Redux, and a brief word about the songwriting process

Reasonably soon, I’m going to explore the bedrock beliefs that drive my involvement in music, the parameters I believe music has, its true purpose, and how every attempt by anyone with nefarious worldviews using it only succeed in poisoning the … Continue reading

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All Sons & Daughters

Feb 25th, I was sitting watching these guys do this song.  I needed it. Still do. How Providential they were here. Then. And then . . . now.

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The ever-sliding scale of traffic (also known as “This TARDIS is gratuitous”)

I’ve no idea how to even begin to parse the weekend traffic. Either Saturday is abysmal as a matter of form, or it is an atrocious statistical outlier.  But writing about GK Chesterton was supposed to cause at least a … Continue reading

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Canonize Chesterton? Only if I can be there!

The other day, I read this fantastic rundown of Gilbert Keith Chesterton’s writing. I was reminded yet again why I love him so much–if Mark Twain and CS Lewis fell simultaneously into a hay-bailer, you’d get GK in a tight … Continue reading

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