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Bringing on yet more–rhetorical redundancy

Though I will say this: These falls are amazing (or is this a singular FALL?), and I was astounded that NO ONE was down there when I was.  I believe that is the first time I’ve been there without at … Continue reading

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Mr. Ron, proving he has a face made for radio, decides to wax for a moment about the morning temperaments of the McCloud River

I was going to include this in a larger post about the day in general, but I figured I’d pare it down a bit: Of course there is zero useful information in this river report. But this should in no … Continue reading

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No filters (And blogging from the banks of the McCLoud)

Sure. It isn’t a huge fish. But it sure does have color. Hat tip to Mike Mercer. It’s his fly (Mercer’s missing link. An absolute TERROR to tie, but I did it).

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On into Friday 

As the weekend comes rolling towards us all, I will have the next few days to think about the book idea I’ve carried for years, the general attack plan,  and the cool idea my daughter gave me to help me … Continue reading

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Gearing up for the McCloud River

Just an update for the fly-fishing-minded.  Season opens here on Saturday, and I have managed to protractedly throw off the yoke of soul-sucking bond at work for a couple days commensurate with that time.  I’m sure some other vampiristic, logistical … Continue reading

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Making a promotional intro video

So, I decided, since some of this blog will also include video blogging, I need some form of recognizable run-up.  And, as chronicled before, I’ve taken to Adobe After Effects to accomplish this.  I’m nowhere near finished, but I thought … Continue reading

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If I have to drive to the trout season opener in a Prius, I’m not a man at all.

I’ve no idea why my 1992 Pathfinder wanted to play the fool this morning when I was starting it up.  But this goes without saying—even though I’m going to say it anyway:  Driving a Toyota Prius to the McCloud River … Continue reading

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16 Days

Remain . . .      

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Messing with the iPhone 6, and my fly-tying stuff

Just testing to see how well the iPhone 6 and Filmic Pro works to film a horribly-laid-out tutorial. Also, my nails look HORRIBLE.

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A gratuitous re-post of my film

See, here’s the thing about running your own blog.  Theoretically, I could post my epic fly-fishing film short Tenkara and the Man Card every single day. But really, what I am going to gain by doing that?  You’ll get sick … Continue reading

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