Bringing on yet more–rhetorical redundancy

Though I will say this: These falls are amazing (or is this a singular FALL?), and I was astounded that NO ONE was down there when I was.  I believe that is the first time I’ve been there without at least some contingent of swimmers or bait fisher-people there.

Yeah. I know.  Footage of actually catching fish would be more useful and/or entertaining than listening to some beanied yapper saying things like “these falls are beautiful.”

Truth is, trying to accurately convey fly fishing at the mercy of a selfie-stick is nearly impossible.  Plus, I don’t want to get my iPhone wet.

Oh yeah. And then there’s this.  I have no idea what kind of malicious code in the Youtube load system rigs the game to make sure that the representative still frame for the clip is possibly the WORST one that could be chosen.  That nose scratch was so brief . . . yet, so ridiculously cast in stone . . .

Also, I’m too lazy to edit out the part where I shut off the camera.

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