My Ebay auction is up to $1.29. I might be able to retire soon.

Funny, how I pored over my text from my Ebay auction, making sure I had my syntax and everything in line.  Then, the worst things occurred to me.

I gaffed the author’s name in the title, and never noticed it.  I’m sure HE noticed it, even though he gave me great props for creativity.  For the record, his name is not START Litore.  It’s STANT.

Secondly, in one line, I state that this is the first book in the series, when in reality, it is the second.

The problem is, once a bid is actually laced on the item, certain things cannot be edited.

Oh well.  That high bid is in the UK.  I didn’t even make a shipping stipulation about overseas postage.

At this rate, I will be about six dollars in the hole.

Sigh . . . all for art . . . .


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2 Responses to My Ebay auction is up to $1.29. I might be able to retire soon.

  1. scrounger1984 says:

    Hahaha, sorry to hear about that, but it’s hilarious.

  2. Ron Giesecke says:

    Thank you. Went to see if you had blog . . . .nada? no more?


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