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In which I Plagiarize My Own Review of “What Our Eyes Have Witnessed,” By Stant Litore–from Five Years ago

Note:  This is a review I wrote a long time ago, about a book I absolutely love.  I decided not to re-blog it, because the editions (and subsequent book covers) have changed. I also post this because my Facebook page … Continue reading

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Okay, maybe even quality’s going to bite the bullet today

The best laid plans . . .

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So . . . Saturday, huh?

Not much to post, really,except to say I have almost completed my overview of the second book in the Zombie Bible series, as the British like to say,  I’ve been “on about.” Beyond that the day has had a rather … Continue reading

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My Ebay auction is up to $1.29. I might be able to retire soon.

Funny, how I pored over my text from my Ebay auction, making sure I had my syntax and everything in line.  Then, the worst things occurred to me. I gaffed the author’s name in the title, and never noticed it. … Continue reading

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Zombie Bible Book–It’s Now on Ebay

Because I had to.  Sometimes, there are no easy answers. Bid on it. If you dare.

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Reader’s Block? Tape your Nook to your arm

Reader’s Block. It works like this: I buy book. I stare at pages. I fall asleep and have no idea what I read. I’m not really sure if I can attribute a precipitous drop in reading acumen to my mere … Continue reading

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