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Oficina G3, and the Portuguese rabbit hole of indifference

Of all the hair-brained schemes I’ve concocted, the one I am about to lay out is the one that makes the least sense to people. This one seems to supersede: 1) Donning an ape suit and attempting to foment a Bigfoot … Continue reading

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The roller-coaster conundrum

I’ve no idea how many times in my life I’ve encountered the euphemistic term, “roller-coaster ride,”—as applied to the moments in life that tend to come as alloyed nostalgias and hybrid heartbreaks. You know the tired old bromide, “life is … Continue reading

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Coming out of hiding

It seems the writing bug has hit me yet again, in spite of whatever overwhelming wave of neopessimism undergirded the last post. Okay.  I have dark moments.  Sue me.  So do you.  I just happened to forge some articulate,  wheedling … Continue reading

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