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Book introductions, and why I hate them

I now have a rule which is nearly intractable: I am no longer going to read the introduction to a book.  At the very LEAST, I’m waiting until after the book is read by me, before doing so.  And ‘d … Continue reading

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Quote for the night

I remember when the definition of “perfect pitch” meant “throwing an accordion into a dumpster without hitting the sides.” Posited thus:  

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Resetting the brain (otherwise known as “getting away from screens”)

I’m not going to sit here an blow conjectural smoke at you as if I never pick up a smart phone anymore.  But my well-documented neurological downsides that stem from too much screen time was–and I emphasize WAS–cutting into my … Continue reading

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Work repartee 

At shift change today, my good buddy Donnie walks on to the POD and gives me the brotherly hug he always does. “You smell good today,” he says. “Really?” I ask. He looks at me all matter-of-fact. “Nope.”

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The progenitor of said blog is loaded down. Work (day job) Kids to a class immediately after day job Music practice with youth band after said class Evening service music containing fruits of said practice  Magic tricks for a sober … Continue reading

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Book Review: FROZEN, by 3 1/2 year-old Bailee

The intellectual weighs in on fine literature.  And sings a song for you as well.

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One of those days

I’m simply going to start shutting my pie-hole about “what’s coming up” on the next day’s blog–because I can-NOT–seem to even get a single, logistical Sputnik off the tarmac, much less into the sky. That being said, I DO intend … Continue reading

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