Resetting the brain (otherwise known as “getting away from screens”)

cropped-screen-shot-2014-08-21-at-8-54-04-pm.pngI’m not going to sit here an blow conjectural smoke at you as if I never pick up a smart phone anymore.  But my well-documented neurological downsides that stem from too much screen time was–and I emphasize WAS–cutting into my ability to read for concentrated periods.  I have no “expert” proof of that, but I also have no expert proof that I just drove my car. But the evidence is there.

I’ve recently forced myself into reading tactile material again.  And for extended periods.  And only, enough, I feel like there has been a degree of “resetting” of my brain that is allowing me grater concentration–even on extended narratives with complex eddies and undercurrents.

Worth noting, if nothing else.


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