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Overview: “Auschwitz, A New History,” By Laurence Rees

There really is no way to “review” a book like this. So I won’t. I’ll just give a general impression of the empty feeling I have after reading it–and that feeling comes not from the author’s deficiencies, but his fantastic … Continue reading

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Reading now 

I am currently  sitting at a Memorial Day barbecue. Watching the kids play.  But I’m also captivated by this book at the moment. Truly, I am silenced. By both the sheer subterranean level of human depravity, and the sheer ignorance … Continue reading

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On Nihilism

“If we present man with a concept of man which is not true, we may well corrupt him. When we present him as an automaton of reflexes, as a mind machine, as a bundle of instincts, as a pawn of … Continue reading

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