Tomorrow’s outrage

IMG_5863I figured I’d go ahead and Vlog a small tour through my local used bookstore.  There are actually two of any worth here, but I’m going to plow right into the heart of the Kraken–that acetone-laden behemoth that calls my name all the time.

Oh, and it calls my wallet, too. But at least I walk out of there with a tactile acquisition–and not some ethereal, no-compass e-book.

So tomorrow: SOMEHOW I will cobble together a brief look at Cal’s Books.  I’m sure the owner won’t mind me skulking around in there with a selfie stick and a need for self-actualization in the verbiage department. He probably figures it therapeutic–AND–I actually gave him some books the other day without bothering to try to arrange store credit, so that makes me a racketeer when I go in there and say “nice store you got here . . . it’d be a shame if anything happened to it.”

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