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Download Thimblerig’s Ark

Nate Fleming’s Narnia-ish/Genesis-ish book, Thimblerig’s Ark, is available for free on the Amazon Kindle side for the next couple of days. I was supposed to read it a long time ago, and now I wound up spiking that little plan … Continue reading

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A horrible day to try to lay out anything of substance. An extended work day, and the inopportune orchestration of events prohibits me from doing much. Tonight I shall peel forth—and tomorrow? A Torrent.

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In Memoriam (dad)


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Reading now 

I am currently  sitting at a Memorial Day barbecue. Watching the kids play.  But I’m also captivated by this book at the moment. Truly, I am silenced. By both the sheer subterranean level of human depravity, and the sheer ignorance … Continue reading

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On second thought

I was, going to originally layout an analysis between two competing pieces of literature. But, I have decided against that in light of today being Memorial Day.  I simply reflect back to my own father, born in 1918, who voluntarily … Continue reading

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On Monday’s show 

it seems I’ve got the reflexive need to mention Flannery O’Connor’s works right now. But I can’t help it. As I was reading her story (and my current favorite) The Lame Shall Enter First, I could not help but think … Continue reading

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A small look

With permission from her family, here’s a little glimpse at one of yesterday’s moments.  Sort of an “in between crowds” performance for a little girl that thinks this old dude is pretty cool. 

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It’s official. I am a fan of Flannery O’Connor

I believe I’ll make this my shortest post ever with: Nuff said.

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Performing for crowds–and enjoying what I do

I’ve been performing sleight-of-hand in some professional capacity for nearly 20 years now.  It really doesn’t seem like it. I don’t do it every day anymore, but I’m still perfectly adept at it–and while recent videos would probably convince you … Continue reading

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Proving my abject uselessness on the weekend

Not completely worthless.  I have to head out to the Happy Valley Strawberry Festival and hector that masses with my card tricks.  Somehow, for the last few days, I’ve felt like someone took a broomstick and shoved a rolled-up sock … Continue reading

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