Performing for crowds–and enjoying what I do

IMG_5660I’ve been performing sleight-of-hand in some professional capacity for nearly 20 years now.  It really doesn’t seem like it.

I don’t do it every day anymore, but I’m still perfectly adept at it–and while recent videos would probably convince you that my skills in and of themselves are the things at which I am best in that situation, I assure you–they are not.

Working a crowd is.  Today was one of those days in which I had group after group transfixed between the tales of chicanery and deception, and the demonstrable performances that illustrate them.  And it’s days like these that I truly miss doing it as a matter of an everyday pursuit of my income–insofar as the idea of actually matching something I’m good at/love doing and income is still a bitter and seemingly unreachable plateau.

Anyway.  A great day, and as they say: “I killed em!”

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4 Responses to Performing for crowds–and enjoying what I do

  1. Steve says:

    What were you doing?

  2. Steve says:

    “Wow,” is right. Like a lot of her endings.


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