So . . . Saturday, huh?

FullSizeRender-2Not much to post, really,except to say I have almost completed my overview of the second book in the Zombie Bible series, as the British like to say,  I’ve been “on about.”

Beyond that the day has had a rather sinister pall over it.  And no, this has nothing to do with the books I’ve been on about, either.  It’s something else.  I can’t quite put my finger on it, but something feels odd in the air.

Really, though. What good is it for me to start flailing away with ambiguous, paranormal-sounding claptrap when I have ZERO direction with which to aim it?

I could go ahead and start peeling forth like one of those Midway necromancers, and get all muttery and stuff and say “I think this sinister harbinger I feel begins with the letter …. Q!”

Oh, and I have to admit.  The Litore books have given me inspiration of an entirely different direction.  Actually, I have to toss Clive Barker in here too, because one thing he wrote in a book I really didn’t like very much had a BRILLIANT premise barely grazed by him.  Between he and Stant Litore, I might actually be able to write a serious work along with the complete and unadulterated farce I have in my head.  Either that or I need serious meds.

So . . . off to write I do.  I have decided that I am going to commit to writing a review of every book I read from here on out, unless I hit the EJECT switch and have my cockpit dump me out over the Sierra Nevadas because it’s so awful.  And then I still might come in here and testify to its completely awful offering.

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1 Response to So . . . Saturday, huh?

  1. Queen Aej says:

    I wanted to review every book I read this year too…then I read some that were so badly written or underdeveloped that I didn’t want to admit to reading them :). I also don’t like discouraging writers because my writing is lacking too. Anyways, you’ve encouraged me to get back to my booklist again before I get a bigger backlog of good books I need to review. Thanks! 🙂


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