Blogging my spam comments on purpose

spamFirst of all, I’m giving Tony Burgess a hat tip for giving me this idea.  He didn’t exactly say “hey, it’d be a cool idea to lay about and vociferate about the oatmeal filler in your Askimet comments filter,” but he DID mention the giant millstone of spam comments that leaking through to his site.

Plus, he makes short blogs about a sundry list of subjects, so eventually, bloggers like that are going to give me the spark. So thanks, Tony.

According to my spam filter, it has supposedly protected me from HALF A MILLION spam comments in a year.  Wow.  I wish it would let me rack up the traffic clicks, and forget the vacuous attempts at interaction by automatons.

Nonetheless, a few hundred leak through. So let’s look at a few these epic missives of sincerity, clarity and warmth.  And chances are, Tony has these same ones in his catch-all, too:

First off we have Carina, who, is either completely unaware of the King’s english, or threw a cerebral clot right before joining the Unit:

Because the admin of this web page is working, no question very rapidly it will be well-known, due to its quality contents.

Let me jump right into an interactive frenzy with that.  I can feel my traffic counts going up like the National debt.  Next, is possibly the most pedestrian and boilerplate attempt to get me to board the SS Spiketraffic I’ve ever seen:

This post and many other on your page are very interesting.

You should show your content to bigger audience. There is
a big chance to go viral. You need initial boost and visitors will flood your page
in no time. Simply search in google for:
Juuri13 viral effect

Not all these are in English, however.  Somewhere along the line, some wily spammer must’ve googled “bloggers with ridiculously-German surnames” Take it away, Sgt. Schultz:

Ԝhat die ս p Freunden , itѕ grеаt Stück zu schreiben ɑbout teachingand
vollständig definiert , кeep es ɑll die timе .

And, when baptized by immersion in the equally-feeble waters of Google Translate, give me this:

Ԝhat the ս p friends itѕ grеаt piece of writing ɑbout teachingand
fully defined , it кeep ɑll the timе .

Apparently, my little thing I wore that mentioned Flannery O’Connor, and the Ape Suit made this seem like it would’ve fit right in to the organic framework of my comments section:

Hummingbird feeders ought to be refilled two times a week
or possibly more according to the variety of Hummingbirds within your garden. There are portable finders just like the Fishin’ Buddy Series as well as the Smart – Cast series.
That is the reason ladies are typically interested in choosing this sort of design because while using birds’ fascinating characteristics.

So anyway.  I’m going to delete these now.  But trust me.  These people . . . or drones . . . or cyborgs . . . or mindless, faceless, useless advertising mechanisms will be back tomorrow.  I don’t necessarily like everything about this WordPress fever-swamp, but I have to admit. Thus far, they’ve kept the soulless barbarians outside the cyber gate.

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3 Responses to Blogging my spam comments on purpose

  1. Tony Burgess says:

    I am happy to have inspired this post. Great take on spam. Thank you for the shout out.

  2. Queen Aej says:

    Fun post. 🙂 (This is not spam…or is it? Mawuhahaha.)


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