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VLOG: Quality fly fishing

I just didn’t have much in me in terms of adventurous overtones.  So it comes down to this sad video blog. It’s hot here,and the trout are weird.  Which is a subtle way of saying “aint playin’.” Anyway . . … Continue reading

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Bringing on yet more–rhetorical redundancy

Though I will say this: These falls are amazing (or is this a singular FALL?), and I was astounded that NO ONE was down there when I was.  I believe that is the first time I’ve been there without at … Continue reading

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Even more useless chatter about the McCloud River

More shallow, non-pontificatory chatter:

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Mr. Ron, proving he has a face made for radio, decides to wax for a moment about the morning temperaments of the McCloud River

I was going to include this in a larger post about the day in general, but I figured I’d pare it down a bit: Of course there is zero useful information in this river report. But this should in no … Continue reading

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No filters (And blogging from the banks of the McCLoud)

Sure. It isn’t a huge fish. But it sure does have color. Hat tip to Mike Mercer. It’s his fly (Mercer’s missing link. An absolute TERROR to tie, but I did it).

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Closing the gap–fishing the McCloud River

It is LITERALLY–one month from yesterday before I make the early-morning trek to the region that holds a magic like none other for me. I’ve tied a few flies. Most of them traditional Kebari style. But I refuse to head … Continue reading

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Mr. Ron goes ahead and posts the article he thought was going to run in another publication

One thing I’m good at is inflating my hopes. Exaggerating my parameters. Building my weight-bearing circus-tents out of balsa wood. The following is the piece I had been referring to for some time.  I truly thought it was going to make … Continue reading

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McCloud River redux and horse hair leaders

One of the coolest things about having taken up Tenkara as a fly-fishing fascination was—its minimalist underpinning allows for a little more creative latitude. By this I mean that the creative side of fly-fishing is usually confined to the tying … Continue reading

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Zen, and the art of Kid Maintenance

My Dear Lucy, I wrote this story for you, but when I began it I had not realized that girls grow quicker than books. As a result you are already too old for fairy tales, and by the time it … Continue reading

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