VLOG: Quality fly fishing

I just didn’t have much in me in terms of adventurous overtones.  So it comes down to this sad video blog.

It’s hot here,and the trout are weird.  Which is a subtle way of saying “aint playin’.”

Anyway . . . if you want to see my serious, cinematic effort–which could have ben made better with the experience I have now–then see that here.  Beyond that, well . . . I don’t know what to say.

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1 Response to VLOG: Quality fly fishing

  1. Mammaflybox says:

    Shared on my fb ;). My daughter watched it with me and she said, “That was cool, and I don’t really get it”. So glad you didnt end up bringing some skunk home. My favorite part is when you were lying down on the rock. I hope the chubby guy (from 63 miles away) was able to see you and write something on his vblog about the guy in the mickey mouse shirt laying down with a selfie camera. He tried to show up late to avoid the strange Tenkara fishermen, but one was still lingering when he made his way to dive into the serene, fish-less, pool…. 😉 Keep em coming.


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