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Gearing up for the McCloud River

Just an update for the fly-fishing-minded.  Season opens here on Saturday, and I have managed to protractedly throw off the yoke of soul-sucking bond at work for a couple days commensurate with that time.  I’m sure some other vampiristic, logistical … Continue reading

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Messing with the iPhone 6, and my fly-tying stuff

Just testing to see how well the iPhone 6 and Filmic Pro works to film a horribly-laid-out tutorial. Also, my nails look HORRIBLE.

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Mr. Ron goes ahead and posts the article he thought was going to run in another publication

One thing I’m good at is inflating my hopes. Exaggerating my parameters. Building my weight-bearing circus-tents out of balsa wood. The following is the piece I had been referring to for some time.  I truly thought it was going to make … Continue reading

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The launch

  Tying my first Kebari fly for the mad dash up the mountain, and to the McCLoud. Like time, and friendship, the wait is worth the journey. . . .    

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McCloud River redux and horse hair leaders

One of the coolest things about having taken up Tenkara as a fly-fishing fascination was—its minimalist underpinning allows for a little more creative latitude. By this I mean that the creative side of fly-fishing is usually confined to the tying … Continue reading

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Furrowed brows, furled leaders

One of the inescapable bipolar fits I have with fly fishing is my either/or conundrum when I decide to hit the water. If I’m headed to main artery of the Sacramento River, there is no either/or; I must simply fish … Continue reading

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