Making a promotional intro video

So, I decided, since some of this blog will also include video blogging, I need some form of recognizable run-up.  And, as chronicled before, I’ve taken to Adobe After Effects to accomplish this.  I’m nowhere near finished, but I thought you might like to see what a rough sketch might look lie, without all the froo-froo.

First, I took this picture:


Which, by the way is a shot I took of the first place I ever caught a trout on a dry fly–or even a fly I had tied at all.  This is known as the Girvan side-channels, off of the Lower Sacramento River.

Next, I managed to cut out my rugged, manly visage from this picture:


Which by the way was taken at a place I am not allowed to mention, or I will be lobotomized and parked with the nuns at a non-descript convent.

I then composited these together–taking into account what is called “Z space”.  I also ripped off some previously cut-out plants from Andrew Kramer,and use them in the foreground, added a 35 MM camera vantage point, and created this extremely rough composite:

Granted. It’s stiff and unwieldy.  But it’s also a prototype for something better.  I’m going to make the water glisten,and I will also remove the almost mechanical feel as the vantage moves through the shrubs.

All for a six-second run. But identities are created this way.

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