My new Liebster Nomination

Apparently, my appalling writing style, overstated sense of self-importance, and maudlin, lactation-inducing baby-squeaking about my abysmal weekend traffic isn’t enough  to put off the lovely and gracious Minah Seo–because she’s fallen off the wagon over there at Brown University and accidentally liked this blog.


So, it appears the Libester Awards are blogger-driven, and based in an algorithm of elevens.  I have to answer the following eleven questions, generated by her:

What is love to you?

What is your story?

What’s your favorite quote?

If you could be anyone for a day, who would you be?

Underwater exploring or space navigating?

Where do you think you’ll be in the next five years?

Who or what’s your life inspiration?

What’s your favorite pastime?

What’s your spirit animal?

What’s your life worth living for?

Best advice you’ve ever received.

Then, upon giving these great consideration, I generate my OWN eleven questions,and then pick eleven other blogs I like and nominate them.  I’m doing this, because, for one, it’s nice to be liked.

Secondly, because it gives a hapless narcissist a chance to talk about himself.  Oh, and answering questions in and of themselves provides a new post as well.

Thank you, Minah!

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2 Responses to My new Liebster Nomination

  1. mseo says:

    Haha I absolutely love your writing style – not appalling at all!


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