Liebster Nomination Redux

As soon as I shake the residual, soul-sucking side-effects of work, I might actually dig into Minah’s eleven-questions today.  I don’t want to take it all lightly.

I’m picking up a few followers everyday now.  So now I also feel the pressure to show up and do something.  That’s good. I need the pressure.

If I can shake this surly, antisocial desire to be an angry, seething vacuum–I’ll do it tonight.  Sometimes, I feel like my brain is in a vice–that there is an external pressure on my lobes–driving me out into that halls of BAD BAD pessimism and surliness.

I don’t like feeling  this way.  I’m sure I’ll get over it.  But in the spirit of transparency–there you go.

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1 Response to Liebster Nomination Redux

  1. Steve says:

    Sounds somewhat akin to wanting to put my head in the washing machine, some days, when I get home from work. Someone should invent a “Novocain for the brain” shot.


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