Liebster Award: answered, and passed long


Okay, I’ve gone through the list of questions posed to me by Minah, at SeoSundays.  I say me, but really it was me, along with ten other bloggers.  That, of course is what I’m going to do here in a few minutes.

But first, a brief rundown of my general, maladjusted psychological profile:

1) What is love to you?

Wow. Right out of the gate, I’m going to have to take my tiny little brain and encapsulate something so . . . unencapsulatable. Love to me, is reflected in sacrifice.  We can say we love, and sometimes love is a true, captivating vehicle of fairy-tale proportions for a while, but ultimately is becomes an active choice.  I’m not one that believes–in a sort of cinematic sense–that love is this all encompassing hostage-taker that disallows a contrary opinion.  In reality, love is something that should be the reason we are willing to go the long haul for another.  Or in some cases, give our very lives. Ultimately, love never fails–even if we do.

2) What is your story?

I’m 47 years old, and have been blessed with a myriad of talents. I’ve wasted them on fruitless pursuits throughout the years, and now–screeching into middle-age, I’m not only trying to rectify some of that by re-calibrating my scopes, but trying to perhaps–for the first time in my life–be involved in taking  care of my family with pursuits I love.  I do not love my current job at all–in any form.  Even though it pays “well,” I am ultimately left feeling vacant–as if I am tasked with trying to throw Helium down a hallway.

3) What’s your favorite quote?

This–again–forces me to take a paring knife to 47 years of sage wisdom from others. But, I guess if I had to step out with one for now, it would be “If I find in myself, desires nothing in this world can satisfy, the only logical explanation is that I was made for another world.”–CS Lewis

4) If you could be anyone for a day, who would you be?

I would be the editor of a ragingly-sucessful publication, and would then use that day to hire me onto staff when I wasn’t that person anymore.

5) Underwater exploring or space navigating?

Oh, well . . . I guess space.  But that’s mainly because I have an epic fear of water. Not a debilitating fear, but just the kind that has to get over all kinds of psychological humps in order to be comfortable snorkeling in Hawaii.  Swimming pools?  Easy.  Underwater lava tubes–nope.  I’d rather risk being cooked alive in the Van Allen Radiation belt and then suffering a hypothermic onslaught in the unknown than get stuck 300 feet underwater with a flagging 02 reading.

6) Where do you think you’ll be in the next five years?

Hopefully using my guitar and writing abilities to see a little more of the world.  Israel, Brazil . . . the Philippines.  I’d certainly like to be completely devoid of anything that remotely involves working for in-custody Probation.  I got injured in a fight recently,and I’m lucky my hand is healing up. I’d rather use that hand for creative purposes instead of adversarial ones. I have faith that all this will happen . . . one day.

7) Who or what’s your life inspiration?

My life’s inspiration is from God.  of course I could leave that sentence lay there generically and walk away, without ever actually taking on the Name of Jesus–but what risk is there in bald genericism? Christ encapsulates–to my mind–the only cohesive worldview that meets several criteria.  He is also the only worldview in which the “self” is reduced off of its narcissistic paths and replaced with sacrifice. He came here and did it.  

8) What’s your favorite pastime?

I love playing music, and singing.  Writing comes easy, and I quite like it a lot.  In all actuality, I’d say reading, but some kind of after-market glitch in my brain keeps me from falling too far into any one book without feeling like I’m on the Asberger’s spectrum.  I don’t know what it is, but anyway.  Fly fishing is amazing.  But that is also because I find rivers to be fascinating anyway.  They draw life to them.  They represent hope.

9) What’s your spirit animal?

This is perhaps the question that I am least prepared to answer, mainly because this isn’t something I ever reference in my own life–like horoscopes,and such.  But if I was to draw a comparative, I’d have to say a Jack Russell Terrier–because they are bizarre, and get fixated on things.  They have good memories, and I guess are “smart,” which of course I hope I am.  They are probably also easy to potty-train, which, referentially, I also think I have a good track record of not soiling the carpet around here 🙂

10) What’s your life worth living for?

Preparing my children to understand the temporal nature of this world.  It’s all going to burn one day,and if we have our sights set on the next one–if we truly do, then we will see it.  But while we are here, we are to operate as best we can. Sometimes we fall–I know I do.  Where we go from there is what matters.

11) Best advice you’ve ever received.

“Keep your mouth shut.”


In a few minutes, I will nominate eleven others to run the gauntlet–if they’d like.  Chances are, some of them have done it before.  Some of them are so busy taking comments and traffic, that maybe this is a bit too much for now.  I know I happen to appreciate the chance to engage in outreach.  So I’m okay if my pitiful supplications are rejected out of hand.

My questions thus:

1) If you had the chance for anyone on earth to read a book you’ve written, who would it be?

2) What gives you a sense of hope in life?

3) If you were the last living member of your family, would you venture a one-way ticket to Mars?

4) Have you ever talked your way out of a traffic ticket?

5) Favorite book of all time.

6) If there was one song you wish you had written, what would it be?

7) Was the dress blue and black–or gold and white?

8) What is ONE major goal you’d like to accomplish before 2015 concludes?

9) Which one wins: Sushi or Hamburgers?

10) If you could trade places with anyone for a day–who would it be?

11) Greatest thing you could pass on to your children


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Thank you for the opportunity.

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5 Responses to Liebster Award: answered, and passed long

  1. Mammaflybox says:

    Cool! Thanks, Ron!

  2. mseo says:

    Really enjoyed reading your answers Ron! Thanks for committing to it and doing it 🙂


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