Gainful Unemployment

Recently, I wrote a piece, called The Long Travail, dealing the yawning gulf between work and . . . well, sanity. I think Local Nomads understands me completely.

Enjoy their piece: GAINFUL UNEMPLOYMENT.

Local Nomads

You know that feeling you get a few days before a long weekend or vacation? It’s okay, you may have to really think about this if it has been a while since you’ve had some vacation time; but you know what I’m talking about… When you’re in the office, or at one of your part time jobs, no matter what you have to deal with in these next few days, nothing can bring you down. In a few days, you’ll be out of there. “Sure, I can clean those nasty toilets”, ” I can totally stay an extra half hour to help this sweet old lady file her paperwork” (while she berates ME about how my company is out to get “her generation”) “Yeah Bob, I can absolutely restock all the glassware, liquor, beer and wine, and sweep, mop and dust every room”. Because in a just a few…

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