Guest post: book reviews gone awry


By Dunning Kreuger, guest columnist

I really want to say how much I like William Golding’s Lord of The Flies.  It’s a super neat book with lots of twists and turns, for the intellectual like me.

For those that may not grasp the scope of the book, I’ll sum it up! A group of kids wind up stranded on an island ( No SPOILERS! LOL!).  As the days pass, they beimagegin to learn the value of teamwork, load sharing and the communal  and inspirational value of the unified,  corporate chant.  These interpersonal skills come together, when the group stages a beachside intervention with Simon, who clearly fancies himself the outlier.

A good book! Recommended for small children!

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1 Response to Guest post: book reviews gone awry

  1. Steve says:

    On the level with “A Separate Peace” by John Knowles.


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