Reblogging the self: A question for the WordPress community

IMG_5317Does anyone here know or understand the re-blogging mechanism when it comes to reaching into the archives of one’s own blog?

This is primarily to avoid having write the occasional “greatest hits” post every so often. Early on (almost a year now), I wrote some things that, if I don’t overtly stand up, act the fool and gratuitously point at them–will most likely never be seen by anyone short of an archive-junkie on the Asperger’s spectrum.

I’ve re-blogged the work of others.  And I’m going to start doing so more.  But I was hoping someone might know if re-blogging an obscure bit from the archives of my own work is strategic, beneficial, or downright pathetic.

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2 Responses to Reblogging the self: A question for the WordPress community

  1. Ann Ahrens says:

    I think it’s a great idea – humans need repetition in order to really learn and internalize things. So, say it again, my friend!!!!

  2. Ann Ahrens says:

    Oh, and no, I don’t know a blessed thing about the re-blog function.


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