It’s my 200th post! High fives all around!

IMG_5492The fits and turns of vainglory, victory laps, and a giant helping of the Kanye West, egotistical entree from the narcissist’s secret menu are all mine.

Yep.  I just threw a singular ticker-tape across the room.  Instead of looking like the by-product of revelry and conflagratory self-fandom in my home, it actually appears as if I lost my grip on a printer roll.

I’d say this is a milestone. I will admit, that as May 12th brings about the one-year birthday of the blog, I should be some 350-posts deep here, in keeping with the “posting every day” doctrine I set out to accomplish in the beginning. Somehow, I lost my way on that one.

But either way, it’s worth noting.  I’ve managed to trot out 200 things I assumed to be noteworthy, and I am proud of most of it.  I’ve had a few pessimistic turns, and I’ve had a few moments where I felt uninhibitedly inspired.

And for whatever reason, I’m back in the game. And, as I continue to post, I am starting to see a direction–possibly a general focus that might tighten the lens on the blog a bit. Here’s a hint: Fishing might be a subject for a greater writing justification . . . or a narrative.  But probably not an instructive site, with the exceptions of the completely foolish and aberrant need to talk about it.

Yet, I have a funny novel in my head about a little fly shop in the outskirts of my county.  See where this is going?

I like writing.   like writing about writing.  I like books.  I like writing about books.  Furthermore, I am writing books.  So the trifecta of writing about writing a book has that inexorable feel of holding a mirror up to another mirror to create  the “infinite tunnel”effect. Except it’s more fun than that.

So thanks of having with me.  I know it feels silly to commemorate  200th post, but hey. This IS THE BLOGOSPHERE.



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1 Response to It’s my 200th post! High fives all around!

  1. Tony Burgess says:

    Onward and upward my friend!


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