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The World’s Last Night

  “The doctrine of the Second Coming is deeply ‘offensive’ to the whole evolutionary or developmental character of modern thought. We have been taught to think of the world as something that grows slowly towards perfection, something that “progresses” or … Continue reading

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On tomorrow’s show

I received my birthday gift belatedly the other day.  I’ll be reviewing it tomorrow, such as a bible can reviewed. They key point here being—that over 600 sundry quotes by CS Lewis are strategically placed amongst the writ. It doesn’t … Continue reading

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The Death of Aslan (from The Lion The Witch, and the Wardrobe, by CS Lewis)

   A great crowd of people were standing all round the Stone Table and though the moon was shining many of them carried torches which burned with evil-looking red flames and black smoke. But such people! Ogres with monstrous teeth, and wolves, … Continue reading

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“Take a look out that window. Eden’s not burning. It’s BURNT.” —Reign of Fire Some years ago—actually probably 15 years ago, I heard the Reverend Larry Booker preach a message called “When I Was In My Right Mind.” In short, … Continue reading

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A little over a year ago, one of my very best friends was in his way to meet his maker. His heart stopped. Had it not been for the intervention of his friends, co-workers and the grace of God–he would … Continue reading

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The morning road

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