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Sent to me today by a good friend.   

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Trolling around Barnes & Noble

I managed to waft back into my own, local Barnes & Noble, just to see just how anemic my choices are.  And for the most part, I was right.  They had not a single title I was looking for, even … Continue reading

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Watch me do a card trick

So, tomorrow . . . I’m on the road to Sacramento.  I’m going to see Professor John Lennox at UC Davis with a friend.  I’ll explain more about him in the morning, before I head out. Until then, watch my … Continue reading

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If you thought I was going to leave the Kanye West “Bible” subject alone, then you might also believe Tupac is at my house.

I have no idea why, over the years, I have this reflexive need to mention Kanye West.  But I do. I’ve mentioned him in ways that were in many levels—prescient—meaning “having my thumb on the pulse of a trend so … Continue reading

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“Take a look out that window. Eden’s not burning. It’s BURNT.” —Reign of Fire Some years ago—actually probably 15 years ago, I heard the Reverend Larry Booker preach a message called “When I Was In My Right Mind.” In short, … Continue reading

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