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Maybe I’ll just Read or something

I think the earthquake non-disaster narrative ran its course with me yesterday.  My idea about interviewing people in some contact fog for satirical reasons is now put to rest. Plus, I don’t feel good today, so why pester people when … Continue reading

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Hey, I never said I was THAT prolific

As alluded to earlier in the last post, today (and for that matter yesterday) has managed to be swallowed up in the blast radius of a giant pulse bomb known as “circumstances.”  Take that to mean work, the day, the … Continue reading

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The CS Lewis Bible: an overview

  So the other day I had the FedEx guy drop off my highly-anticipated CS Lewis Bible.  Anyone with even a modicum of knowledge about this blog and/or me, knows he stands far and away, as my favorite writer in … Continue reading

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Trolling around Barnes & Noble

I managed to waft back into my own, local Barnes & Noble, just to see just how anemic my choices are.  And for the most part, I was right.  They had not a single title I was looking for, even … Continue reading

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