Maybe I’ll just Read or something

I think the earthquake non-disaster narrative ran its course with me yesterday.  My idea about interviewing people in some contact fog for satirical reasons is now put to rest.

Plus, I don’t feel good today, so why pester people when I’m easily–non-pesterable myself?

Meanwhile, I’m trying to figure out home-maintainance issues, take family to doctor visits, and possibly finish one book I’ve been reading. Even though I’ve been reading many, I’ve now zeroed in on one that I want to finish.  After that, I’m not starting any new books until I whittle down this looming cadre of shoulder-tappers.

Also, for some reason the book sitting here to my right (The Narnian, by Alan Jacobs) is catching the light through the window when I lean forward, and making me think the preview screen on my iPhone is lighting up.  I’ve now swiped the book’s unlock screen three times.


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