Vintage TelevisionOr, known as “video blogging.”  I’ve decided that, at times, instead of writing down the epic rant I hear in my head, I’m going to Vlog it instead.

The only problem with this is the prohibitive nature of time.  I have a serious desire to make something that might have legs . . . you know, something that has some decent packaging along with the rant itself.  If I’m going to do this, I don’t just want to shove an iPhone 6 on a selfie-stick, and upload to Youtube without the threshing floor of editing, color-corrections, music, intros, along with the need to excise any and all oatmeal filler out of the thing.

There’s a couple of examples I’ve named in earlier blogs that show me that editing sense–along with an epic rant–can carry things into a more permanent realm.

Also, I’m not necessarily going to be ranting about topical things, or by that I mean things that might be timely and can go away.  I mean really.  If I waste my time yammering on about Snookie from Jersey Shore, the shelf life of that is going to go down fast. Almost as fast as her career.

Instead, I’m going to take on things that will never go away.  You know, major congenital defects in the human condition, moments of saccharin-addled sanctimony amongst the high-profile do-gooders, horribly tone-deaf pharmaceutical commercials that apparently demonstrate fly-fishing to be a side-effect of nearly every drug in existence.

But soon, You will not only be able to read me. You’ll be able to see/hear me as well.  Technically, that’s a felony here in California, because the assault will be very, very real.

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