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Sunday’s roundup

So now comes the tug-of-war for my synaptic dedication.  I’ve already managed to pull five or six books off the shelf, assuming this one to be the one I’m going to read next.  And trust me; there is no rhyme … Continue reading

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SHERLOCK, I am not

Plus, the cognitive, self-flagellation allows me the point-of-departure by which to share this cool graphic, made by my daughter, for me.    

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Apparently, drinking my coffee out of a SHERLOCK, ceramic pint glass isn’t helping

  Stupid clues . . . Abject genericism, plaid inferences, a veritable circa-1970’s television test pattern. Going to my “mind palace” isn’t helping. FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS. And it’s probably within a tenth of a mile from my front door. I just … Continue reading

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Hey, I never said I was THAT prolific

As alluded to earlier in the last post, today (and for that matter yesterday) has managed to be swallowed up in the blast radius of a giant pulse bomb known as “circumstances.”  Take that to mean work, the day, the … Continue reading

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