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The Lone Stranger, the loot, and the codex

This will be my last transmission about this issue, as it is now closed. ¬†First off, let’s take a look at the physical property I was looking for, which eluded me, but not the wary eyes and brain of local … Continue reading

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SHERLOCK, I am not

Plus, the cognitive, self-flagellation allows me the point-of-departure by which to share this cool graphic, made by my daughter, for me.    

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Apparently, drinking my coffee out of a SHERLOCK, ceramic pint glass isn’t helping

  Stupid clues . . . Abject genericism, plaid inferences, a veritable circa-1970’s television test pattern. Going to my “mind palace” isn’t helping. FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS. And it’s probably within a tenth of a mile from my front door. I just … Continue reading

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