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Gravity, entropy, and the fallen man’s attempt to politicize the Everest disaster

There’s a very simple reason why people make the trek to Katmandu, Nepal, and stage at Advance Base Camp for two weeks, thickening their red blood cells to climb the highest promontory on the planet. Because accomplishment requires resistance.  And … Continue reading

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Now I’m considering changing how the blog LOOKS

This is probably because I am running out of Ritalin. But I am starting to think about changing the way the blog looks. WordPress has a bunch of templates, and I’ve noodled with a few of them before. And each … Continue reading

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Ghosts in the machine, ghosts of a chance, and starting a novel 

So the initial starting point for the novel I’ve had in my head for years is finally begging to come out.  It’s got historical merit.  It’s got comedic offshoots.  It’s got out-and-out absurdity. So I’ll just say this much.  The … Continue reading

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I guess I need to blog about books now. I’ll shut up about fishing.

I could actually write about the city of McCloud, Ca. and do it apart from the fact that the river is there, and I just happen to find it more magical than other places.  So . . . as far … Continue reading

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On Monday’s show

So I guess it’s time to start pontificating about the book, writing in general, and the crazy idea I have carried around for years. I might allude to the center of the mark, but I’m not giving away the store … Continue reading

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Mount Shasta–view from McCloud Ca.

This was my view yesterday–before I headed out.  Mount Shasta sits right there.

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My Ebay auction is up to $1.29. I might be able to retire soon.

Funny, how I pored over my text from my Ebay auction, making sure I had my syntax and everything in line.  Then, the worst things occurred to me. I gaffed the author’s name in the title, and never noticed it. … Continue reading

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Bringing on yet more–rhetorical redundancy

Though I will say this: These falls are amazing (or is this a singular FALL?), and I was astounded that NO ONE was down there when I was.  I believe that is the first time I’ve been there without at … Continue reading

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Even more useless chatter about the McCloud River

More shallow, non-pontificatory chatter:

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Mr. Ron, proving he has a face made for radio, decides to wax for a moment about the morning temperaments of the McCloud River

I was going to include this in a larger post about the day in general, but I figured I’d pare it down a bit: Of course there is zero useful information in this river report. But this should in no … Continue reading

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