And now–yet another project in the works

When i decided on the moniker for this blog, it wasn’t exactly a task rendered under flippant conditions. Even if the title, “Master of None” seems as if it comes out of the same comedic genepool of,”are you working hard, or hardly working?” as a riposte.

But really, I had no other way to chronicle the seemingly schizophrenic turns my artistic pursuits take–it’s nice to be perceived as “good” at a ton of different and diverse endeavors, but it does come with a price: dilution.

I am going to use as my counter example, AC/DC guitarist, Angus Young.  There’s a guy that is good at one thing: flailing about the fretboard of his burgundy, classic Gibson SG, playing three chords, and the five notes of the Pentatonic Minor scale.

But oh, can that man play those five notes like no one else. And while you will not hear the refrains of their blockbuster album, Back in Black playing in my house, the incandescent fretwork on that record was one of the flashpoints that inspired me to keep playing when I picked up the guitar at age 13.

Angus probably can’t sing a note.  For all I know, that five-foot anorexic is still wearing the same costume he was wearing 30 years ago.

He’s probably not sitting in front of an iMac, rendering 3d auto-cad images with spectral maps, or cogitation the Drake Equation.

Angus Young is most likely not trying to formulate  a trajectoral thesis of why his song, Highway to Hell went from pseudo-satanic anthemic proselytizing to a comedic, fist-pumping musical cameo in endless cinematic moments in a single generation.

Nope. Angus is probably sitting in New Zealand, making sure he’s playing those five notes like a champ. And maybe cashing royalty checks from the buyers who think his handling of three chords and five notes, 17 studio albums, 4 live albums, and 11 video albums is pretty swell.

Last time you checked in here, I was caterwauling about my magic act.  Well, I did it.  Now, I’m bored with that for now.

I’m never bored with writing, but sometimes my writing  energy winds up being focused within the non-blogging needs–my magic act required a lot of writing–and memorizing.

Then, of course was all my carping and whining about writing a book. Or . . . books.  So I got caught up in this cruel whirling-dervish of a cycle where I spent more time talking about a book I wanted to write, than actually writing it.

Now, I’m back to music (which in all fairness, I never do ignore).  But the difference is this: I’ve always wanted to make a record.  Not a bunch of cover-tunes, or an over processed run-up of other people’s songs.

I’ve wanted to write my own record. And now, I’m doing it.  Every last song will have been written by me (I think). But the cool part is, I won’t be the only one playing on it.  I will be the primary singer, but, as this thing starts to gain traction at the demo/songwriting level, I’ve got some wonderful, talented, and at times famous friends that all say they will help me by showing up to sing, play, or whatever.

I won’t say directly who they are right now, but if you’ve followed me for any length of time, I can say a lot with one word:


But mostly, I want them on there because I know they’ll treat my songs with respect.  There is a possibility that I could literally have different players on nearly every song. It’s a concept record, and I’ll elaborate more on that later.

I’ll let this hang there for now:





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