Overnight question for readers

When fleshing out YOUR writing processes–what has been that one linchpin–or catalyst that caused you to trudge on through?

From where did you draw inspiration?

I’m off to bed. See you tomorrow.

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1 Response to Overnight question for readers

  1. Steve says:

    I had an over 500 word response to this 34 word blog post. I was kind of embarrassed to post it since it was so long. So here’s the summary of it:

    1. Write about what you’re interested in. It becomes a labor of love rather than simply labor.

    2. Schedule time to write and then stick to the schedule. Don’t allow anything else to interfere with your scheduled writing time.

    3. Find a place conducive to writing, and go there. It could be a place at home, a coffee shop, a library, etc. Write in your “place.” You can have more than one “place” to write.

    There, I did it in 107 words. My past writing instructors would be proud of me!


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