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Sunday’s phlegmatia 

I probably made up a word by doing that up there, but I don’t care. After the horrible syntax, diction and compounded Ebonics overload Satan used in the previous column (probably half of which have been given some form of … Continue reading

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In defense of cockiness 

In one of the most memorable scenes from Star Wars, intergalactic pirate and semi-affable roustabout, Han Solo, is running on the fumes of gravitas, testosterone, and sheer, cinematic intensity, navigating the Millennium Falcon through the Hoth Asteroid Belt.  Attempting to evade the Imperial … Continue reading

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If I live to be an old man, I want to geocache and obfuscate.

My father was born in 1918 and grew up in the Depression. He liked messing with stuff. And since the Depression limited one’s ability to acquire pre-packaged “stuff to mess with,” he learned to combine stuff not-meant-to-be-combined to have a … Continue reading

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