Mall blogging 

IMG_5544 I’d like to give you harrowing commentary from the cloistered  Nothern California refugee camps, post-3.3 mangnitude earthquake. But in reality, half of the disengaged humanity trotting through this mall has no idea it even happened.It felt like either the people working on the sewer lines outside lit up a methane pocket underground, or an industrial truck backing into my house. But the workers outside felt nothing.

So here I sit, in a post-apocalyptic moot point and stare at people walking by for a minute. Roaming to and fro in the earth, and all that. No dystopian hunger games yet.

All I know is, a Tupperware cup in my kitchen may have been tipped over during the ordeal.

I will rebuild.

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4 Responses to Mall blogging 

  1. Steve says:

    Where can we send relief packages?

  2. Ann Ahrens says:

    Who needs the networks when they have you? 🙂


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