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Yes, Minister: The Five Standard Excuses

One of my father‘s influences, was for him to constantly eschew network television in favor of PBS.  of course, this is before PBS became the current PBS.  This, would be where I’d discover Monty Python, Is There A Doctor In … Continue reading

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How in the world am I supposed to concentrate on writing my book, when Josh Gates still has a job?

Take a look at this man.  I am holding him responsible for a momentary hiccup in my creative process.  And by that I mean 100 percent to blame for the fact that the only writing I’m going to accomplish tonight is … Continue reading

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Chapter 1–The Mural

The mural had become a part of the background noise. Elementary schools nearly always have murals, and this one was no different. Oak Valley Elementary School’s mural was a known quantity–an accepted part of the historical record. Painted in the … Continue reading

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Whoa. Seven chapters in already? Must be a stroke.

I’ve spent considerable time on this blog, not only writing a fulsome, scurvy heap of odd things, like this long-form essay about Billy Squier’s meteoric fall from musical grace, and use it basically try to foment discord, distrust, and division … Continue reading

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A few of you might remember–I was intending to write a book

I have had basically three books in me that I’ve wanted to write: 1. One of them involves the Founding Fathers. 2. One of them involves blues legend Robert Johnson. 3. One of them involves a ragamuffin band of childhood … Continue reading

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Comet NEOWISE–not one of those vainglorious prints you’ll be seeing on calendars

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Siri, or SOMETHING is not only listening to me, it’s actually hearing me

It was a long time ago that I arrived at the conclusion that our technology is listening, parsing and ultimately categorizing us by political categories for boxcars when the revolution comes. I know this because the most obscure conversations in … Continue reading

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In which I Plagiarize My Own Review of “What Our Eyes Have Witnessed,” By Stant Litore–from Five Years ago

Note:  This is a review I wrote a long time ago, about a book I absolutely love.  I decided not to re-blog it, because the editions (and subsequent book covers) have changed. I also post this because my Facebook page … Continue reading

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Magic for Libraries, Lockdowns, and Just because

When this whole pandemic thing took off, the lockdowns in California were as bellicose as perhaps anywhere else.  I for one, did not take to it very well, and judging by the societal trajectory that I see at the moment … Continue reading

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You Think Covid-19 is Bad? Wait Until I Release The Pandemic Pocket New Testament

  You don’t have to tell me that 2020 is turning out to be a veritable, traumatic melting-pot of apocalyptica.  I mean, I’m over here, trying to coax that beast out of the sea, setting up a ways and means … Continue reading

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