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Happy 240 to my country.

In spite of its flaws, it’s the greatest nation on earth.

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To The McCloud River

To this magical place. All I’m sayin . . 

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That’s right, McCloud. I’m a bum.

 From Facebook live—yesterday. 

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It’s clear to me: Yoda is Rey’s father

So how’s that for clickbait? Okay . . . sorry.  But give me a minute, and maybe that theory could limp out of this conjectural waste of time without falling down. And I don’t care how many prequels or substandard, … Continue reading

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Thinking of a crowdfunding venture

   Making a record isn’t cheap. If you’re doing most of it yourself, it is cheaper. But I need to get the thing polished, mixed, and produced at the end. Not to mention, get myself to South America for a … Continue reading

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And on Friday . . .

. . . And the morning of his crucifixion, the chief priests came together, formulated a plan, and took a handcuffed Savior to be turned over to Pilate. Pilate understood that the entire proceedings were borne about by political conflict … Continue reading

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I had a song come to me in my sleep, and Adele isn’t going to get away with stealing it

  So it’s a well-known fact that the majority of my creative inertia comes during the night. I’ve had moments of epiphany that are unrivaled right after a good night’s rest. It is common knowledge that I wrote the song … Continue reading

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