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It’s clear to me: Yoda is Rey’s father

So how’s that for clickbait? Okay . . . sorry.  But give me a minute, and maybe that theory could limp out of this conjectural waste of time without falling down. And I don’t care how many prequels or substandard, … Continue reading

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Thinking of a crowdfunding venture

   Making a record isn’t cheap. If you’re doing most of it yourself, it is cheaper. But I need to get the thing polished, mixed, and produced at the end. Not to mention, get myself to South America for a … Continue reading

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And on Friday . . .

. . . And the morning of his crucifixion, the chief priests came together, formulated a plan, and took a handcuffed Savior to be turned over to Pilate. Pilate understood that the entire proceedings were borne about by political conflict … Continue reading

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I had a song come to me in my sleep, and Adele isn’t going to get away with stealing it

  So it’s a well-known fact that the majority of my creative inertia comes during the night. I’ve had moments of epiphany that are unrivaled right after a good night’s rest. It is common knowledge that I wrote the song … Continue reading

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So I go into Wal Mart

And famed Raiders receiver,  Cliff Branch, made me wear his Super Bowl ring.  

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My show

Finally, after years of endless, prevaricating smack-talk, I’ve logged my one-man spectacle. Small venue, and already half sold.  

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PLEASE–let me be like this guy when I am old.

I submit for inspection, the following picture:    I could not have had a greater moment of catharsis when I saw this. I literally told myself I was within speaking distance of a demi-god. This monstrosity was parked in front … Continue reading

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“Back to the Future,” and the one thing it TRULY DID get right

The October 21st, 2015 rubicon crossed by Marty McFly and company was almost completely muted by the faked, gaffed, and photoshopped “pre-hoaxes” that routinely swept FaceBook over the years. When the day finally arrived, I figured something was up, based … Continue reading

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Yosemite is starting to call my name again

By the time I reached the Yosemite Valley Floor last year, after having ascended Half Dome’s daunting summit, I walked away (actually I sort of limped away in a “paper-armed-anthropod-wearing-a-robotic-exoskeleton” sort of way) telling myself I was done with insane, … Continue reading

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I just need to remind newbies

That just because I’ve become a hopeless, non-productive literary derelict, does not mean I haven’t had moments of lucidity, outward mobility, and unabashed, monomaniacal creative streaks. Take this movie I made as evidence.  If you haven’t seen it, watch it. … Continue reading

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